10 Interesting Info About T-shirts

10 Interesting Info About T-shirts

How about you 10 interesting info about t-shirts from Greatwood Boutique.

We know a lot about T-shirts, and what material all T-shirt brands use, we know their shape and when and how to wear them. I guess you want to learn fun things about t-shirts. Here are 10 interesting info about t-shirts we want you to know.

1. Qatar holds the record for creating the largest t-shirt in the world. Qatar Petroleum Corporation paid a large sum of money to create a 3,516.25 square meter T-shirt that measures 72.2m long, 48.7m wide and weighs 6 tons.
2. The most number of T-shirts worn at the same time was recorded in Sanath Bandara from Sri Lanka and entered the Guinness Book of World Records. This number is 257.
3. We use the word T-shirt in our daily life. So where was it first used? 100 years ago, the word "t-shirt" first appeared in the Merriam-Webster dictionary.
4. The first promotional t-shirt in the world was produced for the movie "The Wizard of Oz" in 1939.
5. You won't believe it, but t-shirts weren't popular until 1950. It became popular in Hollywood when Marlon Brando and James Dean started wearing t-shirts in movies.
6. The first wet t-shirt competition was held in Spain in 1940 and it is a fact that it is more fun for men.
7. The world's most expensive t-shirt is produced from crocodile leather by Hermes, a French luxury clothing company. The T-shirt costs $91,500.
8. The majority of t-shirts are made of cotton fabric. Cotton absorbs 20 times its own weight in water.
9. T-shirts are made from recycled cotton. Recycling these t-shirts prevents over five billion tons of waste material from going to waste each year.
10. The numbers show that we love the color very much. About 62% of Americans claim to have more than 10 in their closet. That means roughly 1.5 billion.


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